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We make custom boat windshields for any type of boat on the water today. Choose from a factory style replacement or a custom designed.

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Our pricing is as comparable as it gets. No need to look around because we have the best prices for a high-quality product.

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No need to wait around for weeks waiting to get your windshield fabricated. We have the fastest production time around.


Top Rated Choice for a Custom Boat Windshield.

When looking for a custom boat windshield or a direct replacement, then you have found it! We are amongst the top boat windshield fabrication companies in the country. Known for our premium quality material, we provide custom boat windshields for all types and manufacturers of boat. Our team of experienced fabricators are experts at replicating your existing windshield for a precise fit to match your boat. No need to worry if it will match up when ordering from us. Be ready to find a vast variety and exclusive quality in our newly fabricated windshields. The search ends now for top-notch custom boat windshield provider for your vessel. We are boaters’ first choice for custom made boat windshields. Trust us like the rest and let us help get you back on the water as soon as we can.

Whether it’s exact match boat windshield replacement or custom moulded design you have in mind, we can handle any project you can dream of. We also provide custom-designed windshields that fit in your boat perfectly. All we need is the dimensions of your console, a draft drawing, and any pertinent details of your vision. You can send us the instructions via mail with the existing windshield or fill out a custom order form online. Our team will reach out to you once received and discuss your project in detail. If you are looking for the best around, then you are in good hands. Let our team of experienced fabricators handle any boat windshield services. Get in touch with us today and get rid of that broken, hazy, or scratched up windshield for your boat.

quality windshields at an affordable price

For years, we have been providing quality windshields at unbelievable affordable prices. Our ability to produce a windshield for any boat available in the boating world today is virtually unmatched by any other. We have options for bass boats, center console bay boats, fly bridge fishing boats, antique boats, pontoon boats, speed boats and more. We have a large variety of stock mold for plexiglass boat windshields to fit all your boating needs. All our windshields are made to order based on the specifications you choose like material thickness and color. High quality marine grade acrylics are the only thing we use here so they are built to last. Need the mounting hardware too? No problem!

Custom Boat Windshields is a component of Nola Plastics, a company based out of New Orleans in Louisiana. We have years of experience in the plastic fabrication industry specializing in marine windshields and glass. Customer satisfaction through quality remains our foremost focus. Our boat windshields are made of the finest material which ensures the durability of the windshields.

Our team caters to any boat imaginable. If you do not find the windshield you are looking for, don’t worry because we fabricate in-house. Nothing is sent out to any other company to fabricate your windshield. Our reasonably priced custom boat windshields can’t be matched.  No need to stress over quality even though we offer competitive pricing. Trust us like the rest of the thousands of happy boaters over all these years!

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One of the largest suppliers for boat windshields in the country! We have hundreds of molds for a variety of boat brands and configurations. Our inventory is growing ever so rapidly so just reach out with your year, manufacturer, and size to discuss your new custom boat windshield. Even easier, fill out the online ordering form with the required specifications, dimensions and photos of your current shield and boat. Don’t forget the boat windshield harware!

We do not limit our services to the fabrication of boat windshields. There are plenty of marine parts that eventually need replacing on your boat. The weather elements and physical abuse of being in use over the years carry a toll on various parts. We can also replicate those old worn out or broken sliding doors, bi-fold doors, port windows, plexi-starboard door, starboard door, hatch covers, bow pulpit and instrument panels. If you are looking for a source to replace any of those, reach out to us to discuss a fabricated replacement.

Boaters often need a new windshield for any number of reasons but here are the top 3 by out poll over the years:

  1. Cracked or broken shield 
  2. Hazy or scuffed up shield blocking view
  3. Upgrade to different color shield or size

Don’t have a windshield currently on your boat? That’s not a problem, we can make a mold based on the specifications, additional charges will apply. Consult with us prior to ordering.

Material Thickness

We stock a variety of thicknesses to fit your needs and design. Customized or factory replacement thickness, we have all sizes in stock.

Lots of Colors

We have a variety of color options for your new windshield. Choose from clear, smoked, tinted or colored options for a more custom look.

Mounting Hardware

We stock all the mounting hardware needed to mount your new windshield on your boat. Packages include screws, gaskets and universal drill bit.

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Custom Boat Windshields by Nola Plastics is your leading provider for everything boat windshield related from factory replacements to custom molds to mounting hardware. Learn more about us today!

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